Toy photographer Jax Navarro captures Spin Master’s League of Legends figures in dynamic images. | Source: Jax Navarro/Spin Master/the Pop Insider

As announced earlier this year, Spin Master has officially brought one of the world’s most popular PC games, League of Legends, to collectors’ shelves.

The new range of collectibles, which launched for preorders in August and is officially available starting today, includes 6-inch collector figures with more than 18 points of articulation, 4-inch core figures that come in five-packs, and individual 4-inch core figures. All of these figures replicate popular champions from the online strategy game, including Thresh, Zed, Ekko, Caitlyn, Heimerdinger, Vi, Darius, Yasuo, and Jinx.

It’s Thresh vs. Zed in this League of Legends toy photo by Jax Navarro | Source: Jax Navarro/Spin Master

To celebrate the official release of this collection, Spin Master partnered with toy photographers Mitchel Wu and Jax Navarro, who showcased the figures in dynamic action shots that look like they could be screen-grabs from a late-night League of Legends session.

These figures (which are also one of our Holiday Gift Guide picks for this year!) are available to shop now from a variety of major retailers. Snag yours at the links below, and click here for a more detailed look at the full line!