Champions Collection League of Legends Figures | Source: Spin Master/the Pop Insider

Your favorite hard-core battle champions have gone mini!

Spin Master launched a new series of League of Legends collector-grade figures. The Champion Collection features 4-inch and 6-inch figures, as well as a special five-pack set of 4-inchers.

Spin Master’s League of Legends Champions Collection includes a five-pack. | Source: Spin Master

The five-pack 4-inch set ($49.99) is a dream team of League of Legends champions. The pack includes Jinx, Ekko, Caitlyn, Heimerdinger, and Vi, each featuring 12 points of articulation. These figures are ready to hit the Rift with their included accessories, or collectors can display them with their figure bases.

Spin Master’s 4-Inch Darius League of Legends Champion Collection Figure | Source: Spin Master

4-inch figures ($9.99) Darius, Yasuo, and Jinx are ready to take down their enemy’s Nexus! These figures feature 12 points of articulation and an accessory straight from the game. Collectors can pose them on their included figure base.

Spin Master’s 6-inch figures include Thresh and Jed. | Source: Spin Master

Ultimate fans will love the 6-inch figures ($19.99) of Thresh and Jed. Stepping out of Runeterra, these characters feature 19 points of articulation and include realistic accessories. These figures also have a special thematic figure base and come in premium collector packaging.

The Champions Collection is currently available for pre-order at Target with an official launch in October. Wherever you fall in the nine regions, this collection promises to honor your favorite champions.