The gates to Olmec’s Hidden Temple are about to open again!

Quibi, a forthcoming mobile streaming platform, is launching a quest to cast players for its upcoming Legends of the Hidden Temple game show. 

Legends of the Hidden Temple originally aired on Nickelodeon from 1993-95 and has since become a nostalgic game show and pop culture reference for ‘90s kids. The reimagined version of the show will preserve many of the original show’s elements, including the Moat Crossing, Olmec, and the Temple Run — but fans will see them “grown up” for an audience that’s now, well, grown-up. The entire competition will include tougher challenges and bigger prizes.

The graphic below details how to be the first to get casting details for Legends of the Hidden Temple.

Legends of the Hidden Temple Casting

You must enter your email address by March 13 at to get the latest news from Quibi, and for the chance to be the first to receive casting details in order to begin your quest.

Enter at your own risk — the choice is yours and yours alone.

Photo: Quibi