Source: The LEGO Group/the Pop Insider

LEGO already caters to the pop culture community with many of its building sets, but the company just launched a whole line of activity sets that combine building, creativity, and your fave fandoms in a totally cool way.

This is LEGO Art, and these sets come with everything fans need to assemble a 2-D art piece, made up of small, colorful dots. They are designed specifically for adults and are intended to be a relaxing project.

There will be four LEGO Art kits to start, inspired by Andy Warhol (Marilyn Monroe), The Beatles, Marvel’s Iron Man, and The Sith from Star Wars.

Each set costs $119.99 each and yields a 15.5-inch square art piece. Fans can choose from multiple possible designs for the one piece, or buy a few of the sets and combine them for larger art displays.

On top of all that, each Art set comes with an original accompanying soundtrack to listen to as you build. But these soundtracks aren’t just a compilation of music — they are podcast-style audio tracks that include information and interviews about the character or people that you’re building.

Source: The LEGO Group

A perfect stay-at-home activity, these sets will be available from retailers starting on Sept. 1 in the U.S. The Iron Man set will be exclusive to LEGO stores and on Aug. 1.

Check out all of the available designs, get a preview of the soundtracks, and find your fave here!