The LEGO ‘Friends’ Apartment Set built | Source: LEGO

So no one told you life was gonna be this way you’d drop $150 on a LEGO set today!

If you bought the 2019 LEGO Central Perk set faster than Joey can chug a gallon of milk, then we have news for you. Today, LEGO revealed a second set inspired by the iconic ’90s sitcom, and it is, as Chandler would say, perfection.

The new set includes a whopping 2,048 pieces that fans can use to build not just one, but both of the main apartments featured on the show — Monica and Rachel’s and Chandler and Joey’s. (To clarify, the sets feature the living room/kitchen area of each apartment, not the bedrooms.)

Scenes from ‘Friends’ recreated with the LEGO Friends Apartments Set | Source: LEGO/the Pop Insider

If building the iconic purple walls of Monica’s grandmother’s beautiful, rent-controlled apartment wasn’t enough, the set is packed with fun tributes to fan-favorite moments from the show. The set includes mini-figures of Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross, Joey, and Janice. The most notable figure is Joey, who is dressed in all of Chandler’s clothes from “The One Where No One’s Ready.”

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There are tons of accessories, too: a Thanksgiving turkey, the giant poking device, Phoebe’s dollhouse (on fire), Joey and Chandler’s canoe from the time they get robbed, the chick and the duck, Pat the dog, the Mama’s Little Bakery cheesecake that Rachel and Chandler eat from the floor, Gladys (Phoebe’s creepy art piece), and more.

Source: LEGO

Like the Central Perk set, the apartments also feature lights and scaffolding to create a sense that the apartments are, in fact, a sitcom set. Fans can choose to display each apartment separately or combine them with the hallway. When built, the set measures about 25 inches by 12 inches.

This set will be available exclusively from LEGO Stores and at for $149.99. It will go on sale for VIP early access starting on May 19 and for the general public starting on June 1.