LEGO Ideas Typewriter | Source: LEGO

Typewriting is getting a modern upgrade with LEGO’s newest building set.

After teasing it on social media earlier this week The LEGO Group has officially revealed its new LEGO Ideas Typewriter set, which is designed for adult builders. The 2079-piece set has interactive features sure to thrill avid letter-writers, including a center typebar that rises each time a letter is pressed, a cartridge that moves every time you type, and a platen roller that builders can feed real paper into.

UK-based LEGO fan Steve Guiness designed this LEGO Ideas Typewriter set, which he originally shared on the LEGO Ideas Platform back in 2018. On the LEGO Ideas site, LEGO fans can submit their own creations and other fans can vote up each idea. When an idea gets enough votes, the LEGO team works with the fan creator to actually develop the set.

LEGO Ideas Typewriter | Source: LEGO

“I wanted to create something totally different from anything that LEGO has ever done before and showcase that you really can make anything out of LEGO,” Guiness says. “I bought a vintage typewriter for my research and then played around with the bricks and the mechanism until I was happy with the design. I hope it will bring nostalgia to adult fans like me, and wonder and curiosity to younger fans who might not have ever seen a real typewriter!”

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Typewriters date back to the early 18th century, but Guiness’ design is modeled after more modern, 20th-century typewriters. In a nod to the history of letter writing, each LEGO Ideas Typewriter set comes with a letter written and signed by Thomas Kirk Kristiansen, chairman of The LEGO Group.

LEGO Ideas Typewriter | Source: LEGO

The LEGO Typewriter will be available on June 16 for LEGO VIP early access members and to the public on July 1 for $199.99 and exclusively at