The Sonic Mania Green Hill Zone LEGO Ideas Set | Source: LEGO

Sonic’s the name. LEGO building’s my game.

Today, LEGO revealed the latest fan-designed set to hit the coveted 10,000 votes on its LEGO Ideas platform and be greenlit for production — And it’s a scene every Sonic player will recognize.

Designed by 24-year-old Viv Grannell, a passionate, UK-based LEGO and Sonic fan, this set features her brick-made version of the iconic Green Hill Zone level. While the Green Hill Zone has appeared in various Sonic games (including the original Sonic the Hedgehog in 1991!), Grannell’s version is specifically inspired by 2017’s Sonic Mania.

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The set features plenty of familiar features, including circular ramps, a gold ring, the evil Dr. Robotnik, and — of course — Sonic himself as a mini-figure.

At this time, the set is in the development phase, in partnership with SEGA. Once finalized, the building set will be available worldwide. There is no specific release date yet, but this set is entering production just in time for the Sonic franchise’s 30th anniversary this June. Get ready to celebrate Sonic’s past and future with some supersonic building!