The Bad Batch Attack Shuttle | Source: LEGO

**Warning: Mild spoilers ahead for the premiere episode of The Bad Batch**

Who else is suddenly super attached to five enhanced clones after only one episode of The Bad Batch?

The show — the most recent animated Star Wars series on Disney+ — premiered on Tuesday. To celebrate the premiere episode, LEGO revealed the latest addition to its Star Wars collection, which will have fans building the elite clone troopers’ ship from the series.

The Bad Batch Attack Shuttle is a 969-piece set with tons of features inspired by the show. The set comes with mini-figures of the entire crew: Tech, Echo, Hunter, Wrecker, and Crosshair (in his new, all-black empire outfit). Each figure’s helmet comes off to reveal face designs that match their depictions on the show.

Source: LEGO

The ship is ready for any mission, with features such as weapon storage in the cabin, foldable wings, and spring-loaded shooters. The top will lift to reveal the inside of the ship, which has room to fit four mini-figures. The shuttle also comes with a gonk droid and two land speeders for grounded missions, which add to the already epic display.

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Fans can relive their favorite scenes from the show or create new ones with The Bad Batch Attack Shuttle, which is available to preorder now for $99.99, with a launch date of Aug. 1.

Catch a new episode of The Bad Batch on Disney+ every Friday until early August.