Source: Denuo Novo

So you already have the Baby Yoda plush, a Baby Yoda T-shirt, and a few Baby Yoda collectibles … But you still aren’t satisfied with the level of space toddler adorableness in your collection. Don’t worry, Denuo Novo has something you can’t miss.  

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The prop replica company — a subsidiary of NECA — has revealed a Grogu Life-sized Statue. The resin collectible is 15 inches tall and captures Grogu’s likeness in great detail, from the shine of his eyes and his carefree facial expression to every fold and crease in his iconic brown, fur-lined coat. The statue also comes with a display base featuring an engraved nameplate, as well as a removable Mythosaur skull medallion necklace.

Source: Denuo Novo

Other Star Wars-inspired products by Denuo Novo include various styles of the X-Wing fighter helmet, Imperial uniforms of different ranks, a full set of Stormtrooper armor, Han Solo’s leather jacket, Rey’s costume, and more.

Fans can preorder the statue for $250 at Denuo Novo’s website. The item will be in stock and shipping starting in July.