The Little People Collector Seinfeld set features the four main characters in Seinfeld’s apartment! | Source: Mattel

The Festivus season may be over, but it’s never a bad day to treat yourself! Fisher-Price is continuing its line of pop culture Little People — which has previously included Ted Lasso, The Golden Girls, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, and more — with a Seinfeld box set. 

The set features the sitcom’s four main characters reimagined in Little People style: George Costanza, Elaine Benes, Cosmo Kramer, and Jerry Seinfeld. Each figure has great details from the show, including George’s half-eaten chocolate eclair from the trash, Elaine’s classic floral skirt, Kramer’s chicken wing, and Seinfeld’s classic ‘90s haircut. 

The set’s packaging sets the characters in Seinfeld’s apartment, which also has details including a “Festivus yes! Bagels no!” picket sign and the urban sombrero. The back of the packaging features an illustration of the characters sitting in their booth at Monk’s Café with a bowl of cereal and Elaine carrying an armful of toilet paper (She has none to spare). 

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While the packaging is the perfect display case for these Little People, the 2.5-inch figures are a great addition to your personal Seinfeld shrine, in or out of the box. The set is available to shop now at the links below.