Items from the Loungefly Pokémon Ice Cream collection | Source: Loungefly/the Pop Insider

Just when you think Pikachu couldn’t be any cuter, Loungefly puts him on top of an ice cream cone!

Popular fandom accessories manufacturer Loungefly has a new collection of Pokémon styles on the way, and they all mix popular Pokémon with everyone’s favorite summer treat. The Pokémon Ice Cream Collection includes a mini-backpack, a crossbody satchel, a cardholder, a wallet, and a convertible backpack.

There are many different Pokémon depicted throughout these pieces, each paired with an ice cream cone that matches the Pokémon’s color scheme. The featured Pokémon include Lickitung (whose cone has the least ice cream left, which makes sense), Piplup, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Eevee.

The Pokémon Ice Cream Crossbody Satchel | Source: Loungefly

Each of the bags incorporates the Pokémon/ice cream combos in different ways. The mini-backpack, for example, features an all-over pattern of the different cones on a hazy purple background, while the satchel has larger prints of the cones on a backdrop of rainbow sprinkles topped with a pink, scalloped flap.

The convertible mini-backpack, meanwhile, features adjustable straps and is designed to look like a denim jacket with Pokemon ice cream accents.

All of the pieces are available to preorder now from Entertainment Earth and will officially drop at at noon ET on June 14!