There are two different exclusive variations of the cloud. | Source: Mattel

There’s magic in the air! Oh, wait, it’s just the Lucky Little Cloud Magic 8-Ball. 

This adorable, cloud-shaped version of the Magic 8-Ball combines a Mattel classic with the art collaboration FriendsWithYou, which is known for its massive cloud displays and adorable merch. 

The FriendsWithYou x Magic 8-Ball Lucky Little Cloud is just like any Magic 8-Ball, responding to yes-or-no questions with supernatural guidance… but this time with a positive twist!

Folks can expect positive responses and compassionate guidance from the Lucky Little Cloud Magic 8-Ball. | Source: Mattel

While we can’t promise you won’t have another cloudy day, this adorable 8-Ball will be sure to brighten up the storm. It is designed to provide only positive guidance and compassionate advice, giving answers such as “only you know” and other positive affirmations. 

The Little Cloud logo is native to the FriendsWithYou brand, which Sam Borkson and Arturo Sandoval (also known as Tury) created in 2002. This functional collectible was designed to promote positivity and nurture the questioner through healing advice.

There will be less than 1,000 of the gold cloud available for purchase.| Source: Mattel

There will be two color variations of the Lucky Little Cloud Magic 8-Ball: a classic white cloud version and an exclusive golden amulet version. You might have to embrace your inner lucky charm to get your hands on one, though, as Mattel Creations is releasing limited quantities of each version. There will be less than 3,000 of the white cloud and less than 1,000 of the gold available for purchase. 

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Wishful thinkers can purchase the Lucky Little Cloud Magic 8-Ball starting today, May 20, at 9 a.m. PST from, or at the Mattel Creations Fred Segal pop-up store in Los Angeles.