Source: Mingle Media TV/ Scholastic Ent./The Pop Insider

The Magic School Bus is about to drive directly into the big screen.

Scholastic Ent., Brownstone Productions, Marc Platt Productions, and Universal Pictures partnered to create a live adaptation of the series that has made science more exciting for the past 26 years. The mysterious antics of Ms. Frizzle continuously make learning fun for kids, and the name evokes nostalgia for many adults who can still quote all the major catchphrases.

Elizabeth Banks will play everyone’s favorite teacher, and if she doesn’t dye her hair bright orange I *will* boycott. There’s no word yet on who will play the diverse group of kids but “according to my research” JoJo Siwa could make a killer Dorothy-Ann.

The bus first transformed from a series of children’s books into an Emmy-award winning animated series in the ’90s. In 2017, it was updated with The Magic School Bus Rides Again on Netflix, featuring Kate McKinnon as Ms. Frizzle’s sister with a theme song from Lin Manuel-Miranda.

The magical film is still in its early stages, but you can take a field trip to the show (old and new) on Netflix now.