Magic Wheelchair, builder of custom, costumed wheelchairs for kids, unveiled a reimagined wheelchair at Licensing Expo, helping to bridge the gap between kids in wheelchairs and those who aren’t.

The company is known for creating epic, wheelchair-based costumes for kids at no cost to families. And the latest chair wouldn’t have been possible without the contributions of Monster City Studios, a full-service design and fabrication company, and Kendall Walker, a young girl living with spina bifida, the company says.

“It brings us such pleasure watching the smile on each child’s face grow as they see their specialized wheelchair costume for the first time,” says Christine Getman, executive director of Magic Wheelchair. “Through working with various brands, we have been able to bring many children’s favorite characters to life, ranging from superheroes to unicorns, and spaceships to princess carriages. We’re thrilled to bring a Magic Wheelchair reveal to Licensing Expo, not only to meet more brands to potentially work with, but to show people the magic of our collaborative efforts.”

Magic Wheelchair

The Magic Wheelchair costume revealed to Walker and her family onsite at Licensing Expo was built by Monster City Studios’ creative artists, technicians, draftsmen, and fabricators.

“We at Monster City love being able to bridge the gap between kiddos in wheelchairs and able-bodied kiddos,” says James Powell, vice president of design at Monster City Studios. “When an able-bodied child sees a kiddo in a Magic Wheelchair costume, they can’t help but interact, talk and play. For us, that’s when the Magic starts.”

Following the reveal, Walker led Licensing Expo’s Character Parade in her new creation.

Photos: Magic Wheelchair