Marvel fans, be careful on the internet today.

Early this morning, reports surfaced that a major Avengers: Endgame leak — including images, clips, and more from the end of the movie — surfaced online. According to CNBC, the content is “spoiler heavy,” and users are sharing it across Twitter and Reddit. 

Some fans have declared that they’re leaving Twitter for the next 10 days to completely avoid spoilers, while others are actively looking for the leaks. Being the good Marvel fans we are, we’ve opted not to go looking.

This movie, set to be the final installment in the MCU’s Infinity Saga, has been shrouded in intense secrecy. Members of the press aren’t getting advanced screenings for review, and most of the cast hasn’t even seen Endgame and doesn’t know how it ends. The Russo brothers even admitted that some promotional footage isn’t really in the movie.

While today’s Endgame leak certainly seems to be the biggest yet, there have been a few leaked products that seemed to give away a bit too much about the movie, including a Thanos Build-a-Bear and a Hasbro toy.

Feel free to Google those, too, at your own risk!

Photo: Marvel Studios