Live like Tony Stark next June at Disney’s Hotel New York — The Art of Marvel in Paris. 

The hotel, located in Disneyland Paris, will fully dedicate itself to the world of Marvel superheroes. Inspired by art galleries in New York City, the hotel will feature comic book covers, posters, film illustrations, storyboards, and original sketches from more than 50 artists

Guests will be able to meet and greet their favorite Marvel heroes, including Thor, the Hulk, and Black Panther, and there will even be two Marvel-themed restaurants. 

Guests who pre-book a room between today and Dec. 4 will get all sorts of cool perks —including receiving exclusive artwork by Matt Ferguson that depicts Marvel heroes, such as Spider-Man, in front of famous New York skyscrapers and fictional Marvel locations, such as the Avengers Tower. Guests who reserve their stay before Dec. 4 will also be entitled to free breakfasts within the hotel and one other free meal per person per day booked. 

Whether you dream of fighting with the Avengers or are merely a Marvel fan, this is a hotel experience you will not want to miss! 

Photo: Marvel