Source: Hasbro/the Pop Insider

This year, everyone’s favorite web-slinging hero is swinging into his 60th anniversary. To help celebrate Spider-Man’s major milestone, Hasbro Pulse is releasing a selection of special Marvel Legends figures that feature versions of the Marvel hero from various movies and comics.

During a livestream today, the Hasbro team revealed eight 60th-anniversary Spider-Man Marvel Legends items, including some single figures and some double-packs. Notably, all eight of these releases will come in packaging without a plastic window. Instead, these collectibles’ boxes will feature a posed image of the figure (or figures) that fans will find inside. The back of each box also depicts any included accessories or swappable parts.

Unless otherwise noted, these Spidey figures will be available to preorder from major retailers starting tomorrow, April 20, at 1 p.m. ET.

The full lineup of anniversary figures kicks off with an Amazing Fantasy Spider-Man ($27.99) that comes with six alternate hands. It features Spidey’s original black-and-red deco and underarm web wings, inspired by Spider-Man’s Marvel comics debut (pictured top). Next is a Knull and Venom 2-pack ($77.99), which includes figures inspired by Marvel Comics’ “King in Black” arc.

The next double pack takes inspiration from the most recent on-screen iteration of Spider-Man, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Peter Parker and Ned Leeds two-Pack ($55.99) depicts the hero out of costume and ready for high school, alongside his best friend. The set comes with seven accessories. The other big-screen-inspired set in this drop is the Spider-Man Noir and Spider-Ham Two-Pack ($29.99 — Target exclusive). These two unconventional Spider-characters appear as they did in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.


Going back to the comics, the Spider-Man and Marvel’s Spinneret Two-Pack ($55.99) is inspired by Marvel’s “Renew Your Vows” arc and comes with a total of 10 accessories. The Iron Spider figure ($33.99) meanwhile, comes from Marvel Comics’ iconic “Civil War” arc, when Spider-Man joins forces with Tony Stark and receives this new tech-heavy suit.

To round out the 60th-anniversary collection, there are two more comics-inspired Spider-Man collectibles. One is a Future Foundation Spider-Man Spider-Man Stealth Suit figure ($27.99), which is inspired by the character’s appearance as a member of the Future Foundation. The other is a Silk and Doctor Octopus Two-Pack ($55.99), which debuted on Amazon a few weeks ago and quickly sold out. Limited additional quantities will be available on Amazon later this year.

Check out today’s full livestream below! In the video, the Pulse team provides some additional Marvel Legends updates, including a closer look at the Thor: Love and Thunder figures that they revealed yesterday and more information about the Spider-Man: No Way Home figures that the company teased on Instagram last week.