Monica Rambeau Pop! figure | Source: Funko/the Pop Insider

The star of this week’s roundup of Marvel Must Haves is Monica Rambeau, and we’re here for it. There aren’t tons of new items in the mix, but some of the highlights include a Funko Pop! of Monica in the suit she dons in last week’s episode to enter Westview and try to talk to Wanda. The figure is available to preorder now for $10.99 and is expected to ship next month.

New WandaVision shirts | Source: Hot Topic/the Pop Insider

Monica — wearing her suit — also appears on two new T-shirts, both available from Hot Topic — one shows her staring ahead, while the other shows her glitching. There is a new “Eyes on Agnes” shirt, too, which will only make sense if you’ve watched the newest episode of WandaVision — but we won’t give spoilers here!

Junk Brands WandaVision headbands | Source: Junk Brands/the Pop Insider

Finally, there are two WandaVision-inspired headbands available from Junk Brands, which are part of a larger, new Marvel headband collection that is available to shop here.

As always, head to the Marvel Must Haves home page to find the full lineup of product reveals for each episode of WandaVision.