Vision Marvel Legends figure | Source:

Unless you are made of Vibranium — and honestly, even if you are — last week’s penultimate episode of WandaVision made you feel all. the. feels. And, in case you aren’t already reliving the episode over and over as you wait for the finale to air this Friday, Marvel has revealed some merch inspired by episode 8 that will take you right back.

(*Spoilers for episode 8 ahead!*)

To start, Funko released two new Pop! figures yesterday, featuring Agatha Harkness in her full Witchy form and the all-white version of The Vision that we saw for a brief moment in last week’s mid-credits scene.

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The latest Marvel Must Haves roundup also gives a first look at an upcoming Hasbro Marvel Legends figure (pictured above). Modeled after that same all-white version of The Vision, this is the first Marvel Legends figure we’ve seen that is inspired by the popular Disney+ series. At this time, the figure is labeled as “coming soon.”

Marvel WandaVision To Grow Old In V. Girls T-Shirt | Source: Hot Topic

And speaking of feeling all the feels, there also a new T-shirt inspired by last week’s episode. It features a section of the map that Vision gave Wanda to their home-to-be, complete with the handwritten heart and message “To Grow Old In, V.” (I’m not crying, you’re crying.) The shirt is available now from Hot Topic, starting at $24.99.

Also, on a lighter note, don’t forget that there is a whole bunch of Agatha All Along merch available, too!