Source: RockLove Jewelry

Whosoever wears this jewelry, if they be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor! (Or Captain America, or Spider-Man.)

RockLove Jewelry just released previews of a new Marvel collab, with seven new accessories that will be available next Thursday, Oct. 8, at 9 a.m. PT. The pieces are inspired by three fan-favorite heroes: Captain America, Thor, and Spider-Man.

The collection includes at least two matching pieces inspired by each hero. For Thor, there is a Winged Ring ($60) and awesome Winged Ear Climbers ($135), pictured above. Inspired by Thor’s helmet in the comics, these pieces are both sterling silver. Those ear climbers may look heavy, but don’t worry — they’re supported by a clip at the top that distributes the weight.

Source: RockLove Jewelry

For those who are team Cap, there is a new Captain America Shield Necklace ($85) and a pair of Shield Earrings ($95). The necklace is designed to be unisex and both pieces have the center star cut out to reveal a mounted crystal.

Source: RockLove Jewelry

Finally, for fans of the web-slinging, friendly neighborhood hero from Queens, there is a Web Necklace ($65), Web Earrings ($60), and a Web Ring ($55). All three feature cutout web silhouettes and are sterling silver. On the ring, the web pattern continues around the band.

All of these new pieces come in Marvel x RockLove packaging. They join previous Marvel x RockLove collections inspired by Captain Marvel, Black Widow, and Black Panther.

Preview the new Marvel jewelry here!