Source: Groove Life

Wear your fandom on your fingers with new Marvel-themed, silicon rings from Groove Life. While not exactly a shield or a hammer, these accessories certainly feel heroic!

The collection features 24 unisex rings, so every Marvel fan can find their favorite. There are three character-specific rings for six iconic Marvel heroes: Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and Black Panther

Two of the rings for each character are inspired by the classic comics, with bright colors and vintage-looking panels that feature the hero in his element. For a more subtle look, each character’s third ring features a sleek black with just the hero’s logo in the center. For those who could never choose a favorite Avenger, there are also six generic Marvel-themed rings that feature multiple characters, the Avengers logo, and/or the Marvel logo.


These tough, waterproof rings are designed for movement, whether it be flying over New York City, sprinting through the plains of Wakanda, or losing control and turning into an enormous green rage monster. They also have special grooves that allow for air and moister to flow through (hence the name!) so that the rings are breathable. Groove Life promises durability with their metal-grade silicon, too, offering a 94-Year warranty. So, if the ring slips off while you’re getting pummeled by a space villain, you’re covered.

The entire Marvel x Groove Life collection is available now for $39.95 per ring, with most styles available in sizes 7 and up. Shop the full collection here!