Mary Poppins Set/ Source: Bésame Cosmetics/ the Pop Insider

Look as flawless and elegant as Mary Poppins herself (no magic required) with the newest Disney-inspired makeup collection from Bésame Cosmetics.

The collection features a Mary Poppins Set; a Mrs. Banks Set; and a stand-alone, iconic Poppins Red lipstick. 

The Mary Poppins set includes a replica of the character’s compact from the film, complete with the signature floral pattern and translucent setting powder inside. This set also includes Poppins Red lipstick to match Julie Andrews’ flawless makeup look and Mary’s cream rouge — which perfectly matches the lipstick. Fans can keep it all stored in the Victorian-style display box or in the included tote, featuring artwork from the film. 

The Mrs. Banks Collection/ Source: Bésame Cosmetics

Pay homage to the Banks matriarch with the Mrs. Banks Set, which includes a light peach lipstick, matching nail polish, and a Mary Poppins Postcard Set that features Bert’s magical chalk drawings. 

Makeup and Disney lovers can purchase the classic red Poppins lipsticks separately as well for the perfect lip color for any occasion, whether it be flying a kite, sweeping a chimney, or dancing with penguins. 

The entire Mary Poppins collection is available now! Click here to shop!