Source: Mattel/The Pop Insider

Over the past 75 years, Mattel has produced some of the most iconic toys in the market. Toys that defined many childhoods, from Barbie to Hot Wheels and Masters of the Universe.

Now, to celebrate its milestone anniversary, Mattel has fully launched its Mattel Creations brand, where art and toys mix for limited-edition collaborations designed for adult collectors.

The platform was initially announced early this year and opened for a limited time this summer to sell Mattel’s would-have-been convention exclusives, but officially went live last week with its 75th-anniversary, “Art of Engineering” collection.

Source: Mattel/The Pop Insider

With pieces inspired by Barbie, Masters of the Universe, Magic 8 Ball, and the Hot Wheels Boneshaker, these items are designed to give fans a *clear* — pun intended — look at the workings of each toy. For each, there is a transparent collectible item (pictured) and a poster of the toy’s blueprint available.

Source: Mattel/The Pop Insider

As mentioned, the Mattel Creations platform will also have a strong focus on artistic collaborations. This is already evident on the site, with artwork available from four emerging artists: Gianni Lee for Masters of the Universe, Cristina Martinez for Barbie, Distortedd for Magic 8 Ball, and Travis Ragsdale for Hot Wheels. The site also features interviews with each artist to discuss the process and inspiration behind their work.

Upcoming Mattel Creations collections include The Shining and IT (Oct. 23) and Masters of the Universe x Madsaki (December).

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