All four new Collaboratory collaborations | Source: Mattel Creations

Thomas the Tank Engine, but make it art.

Later this week, Mattel Creations is dropping “the Collaboratory,” a second round of four iconic Mattel toys that have gotten a makeover from contemporary artists.

The 1987 Toyota Pickup “North Shore Edition” by Evan Mock | Source: Mattel Creations

This wave of collaborations features a Hot Wheels truck created by surfer, actor, and designer Evan Mock. This 1:64-scale 1987 Toyota Pickup “North Shore Edition” features some of Mock’s signature design elements, including an attached surfboard. The die-cast truck will cost $30.

Kristopher Kites’ MOTU pendant and Aleali May’s Barbie collection | Source: Mattel Creations/the Pop Insider

Next up is a Masters of the Universe pendant from jewelry designer Kristopher Kites. This iridescent Orko piece costs $150 and is made to wear or display, complete with a detachable chain and a light-up base.

Stylist and fashion blogger Aleali May started out by styling her childhood Barbie doll, and now she is creating an exclusive Barbie collection in this Mattel Creations collaboration. For $55, collectors can get doll-sized cargo pants, a bodysuit, knee-high boots, a T-shirt, and sunglasses designed by May.

Blue the Great’s Thomas the Tank Engine | Source: Mattel Creations

Finally, artist Blue the Great — known for his graffiti-styled murals and paintings — is giving his own take on Thomas the Tank Engine. This collectible, die-cast Thomas figure ($30) features colorful bubble letters on the side that spell out “Blue” and other creative details.

All four of these limited-edition, artistic collaborations will be available exclusively from Mattel Creations, starting at 9 a.m. PT on Dec. 3. For now, collectors can preview the items here! You can also check out this video to learn more about each artist and their designs.