Yu-Gi-Oh!’s newest box is a dazzling gold. | Source: Konami

Yu-Gi-Oh! Masters, your journey to El Dorado begins on Nov. 19.

This week, Konami revealed the Maximum Gold: El Dorado box, which is launching this fall. Duelists’ paths to victory will be laced with riches because Premium Gold Rare cards are back. These gorgeous versions of popular cards feature raised outlines, borders, symbols, and icons to accentuate the artwork.

In addition to the Premium Gold Rare treatment, 10 cards will get a makeover with variant artwork — Deal LP while looking extra stylish! We can’t spoil everything, but here’s what we can tell you: fan-favorite cards such as I:P Masquerena and Knightmare Unicorn are among those getting new artwork.

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Cards in this box that don’t get the Premium Gold Rare treatment won’t be left out from the fun. They’ll appear as gold-lettered Rare cards instead of the standard silver.

Maximum Gold: El Dorado isn’t just celebrating iconic cards — it’s bringing in some new ones, too. A new Xyz monster will make an appearance, and it promises duelists a lot of power with an insanely huge ATK boosting effect. Collectors should also mark their calendars for Maximum Gold: El Dorado. Anyone who has been itching to complete a set of Premium Gold Rare Dragonmaids can do so with the new Premium Gold Rare Chamber Dragonmaid.

Each Maximum Gold: El Dorado box ($29.99) will include four packs. Each pack contains seven cards: two Premium Gold Rares and five gold-letter Rares.