Apparel from the McDonald’s and Box Lunch collaboration | Source: BoxLunch/the Pop Insider

Ba-duh-ba-ba-bahh… there’s new McDonald’s merchandise, and we’re lovin’ it! 

Global restaurant brand McDonald’s is teaming up with specialty merchandise retailer BoxLunch to deliver a flavorful, exclusive apparel and accessories collection! 

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The new collection introduces a mix of styles for men and women, including sweatshirts, button-ups, tees, and more. Featuring retro graphics, classic characters such as Ronald McDonald, and vintage imagery of the golden arches, this apparel is sure to send you down the memory Drive-Thru! 

One stand-out item in the collection is the Happy Meal Crossbody Bag, which mimics the iconic, red kid’s meal container that we all know and love. The crossbody is perfectly sized to store the collection’s World Famous Fries and Chicken McNugget three-piece cosmetic bag — talk about a Happy Deal! 

The Happy Meal Crossbody (left) and the Cosmetic Bag (right) from the McDonald’s and BoxLunch collaboration! | Source: BoxLunch/the Pop Insider

And what would a Happy Meal be without a toy? That’s right, this collaboration also includes an exclusive line of collectibles! McDonald’s lovers will be able to buy enamel pins, keychains, and blind-box sets, as well as a diamond glitter Ronald McDonald Funko Pop! vinyl figure. 

This McDonald’s and BoxLunch collaboration — which has our mouths watering over its nostalgic appeal — will be available starting on Sept. 20, exclusively at Box Lunch stores and