Cuphead fans: Time to bring your love of the classic action game beyond the screen!

A new construction set from McFarlane Toys brings all of your favorite characters from the classic Cuphead run-and-gun action game to life, without losing any of its signature style and nostalgia, coming this fall. The Cuphead game, as inspired by cartoons of the 1930s, follows Cuphead and pal Mugman for a round of boss battles as they journey to pay back their debt to the devil, discovering hidden secrets and acquiring new weapons and skills along the way.

McFarlane Toys plans to stay true to all the classics and nostalgia of the original detail of Cuphead and its art style of the 1930s. The construction sets, with over 100 pieces, will focus on Cuphead, Mugman and the game’s cast of iconic bosses throughout memorable scenes of Inkwell Isle. Cuphead, having sold over two million copies worldwide, is celebrated for its arcade-action style of game play, award-winning jazz, ragtime, and big band soundtrack, and its signature art style, which McFarlane plans to use to evoke the same feelings in their new construction sets.

Construction set prototypes will be on display at Comic-Con International: San Diego, so fans can get an advance peek at the new designs ahead of its release this fall.