Source: McFarlane Toys/the Pop Insider

In the near future, the secretive RAW10 laboratories have started experimenting, creating powerful warriors that are part beast and part machine! But some of these Robotic Animal Weapon (RAW) creations are rebelling, choosing to fight on the side of humanity.

This is RAW10, a new figure line (and soon to be online comic series!) from Todd McFarlane and the McFarlane Toys creative force.

The line launched exclusively at Walmart yesterday with four figures. Spawn fans will recognize CY-GOR, who is joined by three new creatures: FREN-Z (a Great White Shark hybrid), RAPTAR (a Velociraptor hybrid), and BATTLESNAKE (a King Cobra hybrid).

Source: McFarlane Toys

The CY-GOR figure costs $19.99, while the other three are $9.99. Each figure features articulation and comes with a mini-poster of the character.

Fans can preorder the figures here (warning: they are pre-selling out fast.) or find them in stores starting on Aug. 1.

You can also enter for a chance to win a full set of these new figures (signed by Todd McFarlane!) as part of McFarlaneCon, which is running from now until July 31. Click here to enter!