Items from the MeUndies Game of Thrones Collection | Source: MeUndies

Winter is coming! Like, literally, it is. That means it’s the perfect time to stock up for cozy and comfy clothes for the chilly months when you’ll be fighting the White Walkers watching hours of TV on your couch. And MeUndies has you covered with its latest fandom-fueled collection, which is inspired by Game of Thrones.

The new collection dropped today and features a variety of loungewear and accessories — including T-shirts, lounge pants, hoodies, shorts, socks, underwear, and more — available in three different Game of Thrones patterns. The patterns include “Winter Is Coming,” which has various symbols from the show (like the Iron Throne, a Direwolf, and swords); “Great Houses,” which features icons for some of the most prominent houses in Westeros, and “Mother of Dragons,” which is bright red and features various dragons from the series.

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Everything in this limited-edition lineup is made from MeUndies’ trademark super-soft material — seriously, the characters in Game of Thrones would have been much happier if they were dressed in this instead of furs and armor. Just saying.

This drop is part of a larger wave of Game of Thrones merchandise and activations to celebrate the show’s 10th anniversary and the upcoming spin-off series. Other recent GoT news included some new Game of Thrones beer fit for a member of the Night’s Watch, as well as an upcoming Game of Thrones convention.

Fans can shop the collection now exclusively at Be sure to shop fast, because some of these items are already starting to sell out!