5 Points Superman Deluxe Boxed Set | Source: Mezco Toyz/The Pop Insider

The new 5 Points Superman Deluxe boxed set from Mezco Toyz looks like it flew right out of the ’40s!

Based on the animated short “The Mechanical Monsters,” this box set is super-human in what it has to offer. DC Comics fans get three different figures — Superman, Clark Kent, and Lois Lane — along with a giant, fire-shooting robot; a quick-change phone booth; and a multi-level, triple environment diorama. One side of the diorama is a House of Jewels storefront. Spin it around, and the inside reveals two levels, with a mad scientist lair up top and a secret volcano cavern below. The phone booth actually works, too: Place both figures in and give it a turn to watch Clark Kent change into his iconic Superman outfit.

5 Points Superman Deluxe Boxed Set | Source: Mezco Toyz

The robot figure, named Mechanical Monster Number 5, comes with a pair of swappable arms. It also features a propeller, a hinged compartment on the back, and a flame FX that collectors can attach to its eyes. Superman comes with his own set of interchangeable arms, and his cape is soft molded. The Clark and Lois figures can also hold the included notebook and steno pad accessories, to write down any hot scoops.


The 5 Points Superman – The Mechanical Monsters (1941): Deluxe boxed set is available for pre-order now at mezcotoyz.com.