Legally Blonde, Source: MGM

What do Pink Panther, The Addams Family, Legally Blonde, and Rocky all have in common? They’re Metro Goldwyn Mayer (aka MGM) brands!

And with this year’s Licensing Expo canceled due to COVID-19, MGM will be providing updates for these and other brands during an online summit event. Set for June 15-17, this virtual event is designed for potential licensees to get a first look at upcoming initiatives from MGM, such as merchandise collabs, entertainment releases, and anniversary celebrations — including a year-long “Legally Blonde Turns 21” event that will kick off next July. The full list of featured brands (so far) includes Pink Panther, The Addams Family, Vikings/Valhalla, Legally Blonde, Candyman, Rocky/Creed, and more.


There does not appear to be any cost to attend this summit, but the event is invite-only and not open to the public. Those in the licensing industry can email to express their interest in attending or to request additional information. The company is seeking to grow its licensing program across multiple categories, including collectibles, publishing, and games.

As Elle Woods would say: This is gonna be just like Licensing Expo, except for funner!