Source: Monogram International

Fans on the hunt for a large bounty in a small package can look no further.

Monogram International debuted 11 possible bag clips that fans can get in its new blind bag collection featuring the best (and the worst) of The Mandalorian. Best of all? There are two different Baby Yoda possibilities!

Each collectible is a surprise. Besides the snacking lil’ creature we all love, the other characters fans can discover include IG-11 (the assassin droid), the cutest Blurrg you’ve ever seen, Mando himself, and more. Check out the video below to see them all!

As seen in the energetic video, each of the foam bag clips is something worth fighting an army of stormtroopers for. The Mandalorian Series 1 Blind Bag Collection is available now on Amazon for $6.99 each collectible. There’s no guarantee of what you’ll get, but it’s sure to be out-of-this-world. I have spoken.