Source: Hasbro

The star of your game nights is about to meet the star of your arcade days.

In the Monopoly Arcade Pac-Man game from Hasbro, it’s all about the points, not the money. Players try to level up by playing as Pac-Man on the mini arcade every time they pass go. This game is a race around the board — but, beware, the Ghost is ready to catch ya!

Two to four players can use the retro banking and arcade unit to buy, steal, or sell levels and earn more points as they go. Those ready to win can find the new mashup game at Walmart, Target, and Amazon on Aug. 1 for $29.99.

May 2020 marked 40 years since Pac-Man made its way into our arcades and our hearts. The little yellow gobblers have eaten up our quarters in multiple ways, but this Monopoly game wins all the Pac-dots for creativity.