Part of the Moon Knight Poster | Source: Marvel Studios

We know it sounds like a dream, but don’t worry, it’s real — Last night, Marvel Studios debuted the trailer for its upcoming live-action series Moon Knight, along with an accompanying poster and a release date. 

Full Moon Knight Poster | Source: Marvel Studios

The trailer gives fans a first look at Stevie — “It’s Steven” — Grant (played by Oscar Isaac) who can’t tell the difference between dreams and reality. Unfortunately, strange voices in his head and frequent blackouts aren’t the worst of his problems. 

In the 2-minute teaser, which is set to a rendition of Kid Cudi’s “Day ‘N’ Nite,” Grant answers a phone he finds in the wall of the museum gift shop where he works. Upon answering, a woman calling him “Marc” is surprised to find out he is alive. It turns out that Grant shares a body with mercenary Marc Spector. Once a mere gift shop employee, Grant is now plunged into a chaotic mystery among the gods of Egypt. 

Check out the full trailer below and tune in for the debut of Moon Knight, which will start streaming on March 30 exclusively on Disney+.