Happy Mother of Dragons Day.

For anyone scouring the web for the perfect, non-cliché Mother’s Day gift for Mom, the HBO Shop has you covered with new Game of Thrones (GoT) merchandise, including Mother of Dragons T-shirts, tanks, a variety of wine, and more.

Whether she’s a die-hard GoT fan or has no idea what the show is about, a gift from the collection would provide a great opportunity for a family binge sesh. (Though, that might get a little awkward during those scenes.)

For the moms who understandably need a drink to unwind after dealing with their spawn, the Wines of Westeros would make the perfect addition to a wine collection. For the superfan moms, top that off with one of the GoT tankards, so Mom can drink like the queen that she is.

Or, if Mom needs to get out any unresolved trauma that comes from raising kids (especially if she’s got one like Joffrey), she can let it out in the Daenerys Targaryen notebook. For fashion-forward moms, there’s some fiery dragon jewelry, and for the more practical moms, the GoT socks are a safe bet.

Most moms are likely expecting some candles and flowers, so the new GoT collection provides a great way to shake things up and honor the Lady who raised you. For those shoppers in the New York area who always wait until the last minute to honor their Queen Mother, there is a physical HBO shop near Bryant Park.