MrBeast and the new gel blaster. | Source: Hasbro

This weekend, YouTuber MrBeast used a new video to unveil the first product in his collaboration with Hasbro’s NERF brand: an epic gel blaster.

The NERF Pro Gelfire x MrBeast Full Auto Blaster is designed for older teens and adults and is decorated with the creator’s bright pink and blue color scheme, accented with the MrBeast logo. For those who aren’t familiar with gel blasters, they shoot out absorbent polymer projectiles, more casually known as “water beads.” The blaster sends these squishy orbs out at high speeds, and they burst apart when they hit a target.

The MrBeast blaster has a 300-round capacity and comes with 20,000 dehydrated, blue and pink beads for plenty of blasting action. You can also choose between automatic and semi-automatic blasting modes, thanks to the built-in, rechargeable battery. Aside from the dehydrated rounds, the blaster also comes with protective eyewear, a removable barrel, an extendable stock, and a charging cable.

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MrBeast, who has more than 100 million subscribers and is known for large-scale videos in which participants win cash and other prizes, debuted this blaster in a new video called “100 Kids vs 100 Adults for $500,000.” You can check out the video and preorder the blaster now for $69.99 below. The blaster is expected to ship on April 15.