Source: Disney

Disney’s Mulan will skip theaters and head straight to Disney+ — but don’t declare victory just yet.

The film will be released on Sept. 4, but unlike other surprise direct-to-Disney+ films, it will cost subscribers an extra $29.99 to rent. Disney’s CEO Bob Chapek said in an earning’s call that this is not a test of the market but instead a “one-off,” according to Variety.

Mulan was originally intended to drop in March, but the closure of many movie theaters led to its repeated delay. Most recently, it was taken off the release calendar entirely, as the film’s Aug. 21 intended date came just before most major theaters aimed to reopen. Disney has seven more films meant to hit theaters this year, but no announcements have been made about how those films will release.

The live-action reboot will cost $10 more than other recent SVOD films such as Scoob!, on top of a fee for subscribing to Disney+.

H/t: Variety