It’s been nearly two months since Avengers: Endgame hit theaters, shattered records, made us all sob, etc. And while (at least, in my opinion) there are many, many things to love about Endgame, the epic score by Alan Silvestri still manages to stand out as one of the movie’s best features.

Endgame was Silvestri’s fourth composition for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He scored the first Captain America movie but is also the mind behind the iconic “The Avengers” theme, which first appeared in 2012’s The Avengers. 

While his entire Endgame score is quite a feat — sampling themes from the entire MCU and just generally evoking every emotion known to man — the track “Portals” really takes the cake. This is what plays at (*spoiler alert, if you somehow still don’t know*) the point when Dr. Strange brings all of the heroes —including those brought back by Banner’s snap — together to fight Thanos.

Because it accompanies such a pivotal moment in the movie, it makes sense that Marvel chose this particular theme to make a video for. (To be fair, they also made a video for the “Totally Fine” theme, but it came out before the movie and only included trailer footage).

The “Portals” music video is nothing incredibly new or revolutionary, to be honest. It is made up of stills from the movie (some of which have been animated to have moving backgrounds) that are strung together iMovie-style with blur and fade transitions. However, when combined with the score, the images provide a nice, abridged revisit through Endgame’s emotional journey.

Check out the video below, and stream the full Endgame score basically anywhere.

Photo: Marvel Studios