Source: Mezco Toyz

The latest from Mezco Toyz has just been unmasked.

The new LDD Presents Scooby-Doo & Mystery Inc. — Build-A-Figure set features each member the gang, with pieces of Scooby in each package. Fans can search for each piece of the mystery-solving dog in the individual windowed packages for each collectible. Once put together, Scooby Dooby-Doo stands 8 inches tall and features six points of articulation.

The rest of the Mystery Inc. figures are all 10 inches tall and have five points of articulation. Sure, they kind of stare directly into your soul, but they also feature a ton of detail.

Each character has the iconic look of the meddling kids. Fred has his ascot, Daphne has her killer Mary-Janes, Velma can’t see a thing without her glasses, and Shaggy has even has a bit of stubble. Once put together, Scooby shines with his iconic golden collar.

The figures are expected to ship between December and February but are available now to preorder for $200 on Mezco Toyz’s website.