NERF LMTD Aliens M41-A Blaster in packaging | Source: Hasbro Pulse

I wanna introduce you to a personal friend of mine — the NERF LMTD Aliens M41-A Blaster!

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the movie Aliens, Hasbro Pulse just dropped an epic new NERF blaster, modeled after the equipment used by the Colonial Marine Corps in the movie. Part of the premium NERF LMTD line, which recreates items from entertainment and video game franchises, this blaster features the look of the iconic M41-A Pulse Blaster — including a power loader-inspired design and both over and under barrels for dual-blasting action. The blaster measures more than 2 feet long and is equipped with an electronic dart counter that can be set up to 99, as well as movie-accurate blasting sounds. Would-be Alien hunters can even choose from fully motorized or pump-action blasting.

NERF LMTD Aliens M41-A Blaster | Source: Hasbro Pulse

While this blaster is fully functional, it also comes in display-worthy packaging (pictured top). The box features a detailed drawing of the blaster, movie-inspired details, and compartments to hold the included darts — 10 elite and three mega.

The limited-edition blaster is available to preorder now from Hasbro Pulse and GameStop for $94.99. It is expected to ship in late October 2022.