Source: IMDB/The Pop Insider

Netflix is bringing back seven classic Black-led sitcoms that you’re going to want to add to your must-binge list.

Strong Black Lead, a group founded in 2018 to lift up Black Hollywood, announced the news, saying these series don’t just bring the laughs, but they bring representation to the screen, with Black actors accurately depicting the Black experience.

The first series to be released will be Moesha on Aug. 1, followed by the first three seasons of The Game. Sister, Sister drops on Sept. 1, and Girlfriends will launch on the 20th anniversary of its original premiere on Sept. 11. In October, fans can catch The Parkers on the 1st, followed by Half & Half and One on One premiering on the 15th.

In the video below, members of the series discuss their shows’ impacts and how grateful they are that fans have been asking for the shows to go on Netflix for years.

“Now people all over America can binge-watch their favorite shows and relive their favorite moments,” says Reggie Hayes from Girlfriends before a few actors shared their own unforgettable scenes. These seven series bring a whole new generation of fans the representation, laughs, and occasional tears and bring long-time fans a new chance to remember why they originally fell in love with the series.