Netflix is a master at matching subscribers with movies and shows based on their viewing choices. The streaming service has brought me far down the binge-watching rabbit hole with this feature more than a few times.

However, Netflix is stepping into a whole other realm of matchmaking where it has never gone before.

The service is set to drop its first original dating show, Dating Around, on — you guessed it — Valentine’s Day.

Each episode stars a single (ready to mingle) person who goes on five first dates. Viewers watch as all the flirting, awkward exchanges, and romantic, true-connection moments unfold. If viewers can make it to the end of the episode, they’ll see who lands a second date.

Netflix bills the show as “an honest and compelling look at the real world of dating.” The interactions, which are potentially just as cringe-inducing as MTV’s infamous ‘00s dating shows, will either rake in the viewers or scare them away depending on their interests.

This scene can also go either way.

The cheesiness mixed with the high production value will definitely make you question your tastes, like when something is so bad but also so interesting that you can’t look away.

Exhibit A is the first date in the official trailer. Check out the first look at Dating Around below.

Photo: Netflix