Netflix has given a major overhaul to its TV apps to enhance the user experience and our overall quality of life. The new design makes it easier to find titles on TVs with a new sidebar on the left of the screen with individual sections for Search, Home, Series, Movies, My List, and New, in addition to larger video previews.

This is the first time Netflix has divided TV shows and movies into separate sections. Stephen Garcia, Netflix’s director of product innovation, writes in a Netflix blog post, “Our research has shown us that while a member generally isn’t sure what exact title they want to watch, they have a pretty good sense of whether they are in the mood for a quick series episode or a longer movie experience.”

Having an area for My List allows users to easily reach their own queue instead of having to scroll down the entire list of genres and recommendations, because honestly, who has time for that when we have so much TV to binge on?