Funko, in its quest to grow its repertoire of pop culture collectibles, released many new figures into its lineup at this past week’s Toy Fair New York and Emerald City Comic Con. Here are some of the figures we can’t wait to add to our collection.

Get ready for Shazam! To celebrate the film’s upcoming release, Funko brings Shazam, Darla, Eugene, Freddy, Mary, and Pedro to life, decked out in their super-suits and capes. There’s even a special limited-edition glow-in-the-dark Shazam figure.

We’ve found Carmen Sandiego! The great super thief joins the Funko Pop! Television lineup with an exclusive Diamond Glitter version, announced at Emerald City Comic Con.

Fresh from the oven, Pillsbury Doughboy is back with a brand-new shamrock cookie. The new Pop! Ad Icon debuted at Emerald City Comic Con.

Yay me! Add Incredibles 2 hero Voyd to your superhero collection. Voyd is poised for action as she stands inside her blue void.

Suit up with the DC Super Heroes as you add 5 Star’s Batman to your shelf. The masked hero comes dressed in a black-and-yellow outfit and includes a grappling hook and Bat-Signal accessories.

In anticipation of Spider-Man: Far from Home, Funko brings new spidey figures to its line. Fans can collect Spider-Man in his stealth suit, Spider-Man in his iconic suit, Spider-Man wearing his upgraded suit, MJ, and Happy Hogan.

Winter is coming to your Funko collection! Fans can collect the Pop! TV Arya Stark figure. Hopefully her fierceness will rub off on us.


Thor will protect you. Funko adds a Classic Thor to its Marvel collection, complete with a cape, a helmet, a hammer, and all of his iconic accessories.

There’s no glitch here! The Overwatch hacker Sombra comes to life with a Pop! Collectible figure in her Glitch skin.

They are off to see the wizard! New Vnyl figures take on the iconic The Wizard of Oz pals Tin Man and Cowardly Lion.

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Photos: Funko