The Animated Style Loki Figure | Source: Diamond Select Toys

Spring is here, and just as leaves begin sprouting from the trees, so too does new merch bloom from our favorite fandoms. Collectible manufacturer Diamond Select Toys has a host of new items blossoming across a variety of fandoms including Star Wars, Marvel, Jean-Claude Van Damme (yes, he does warrant his own fandom), and more! 

Gargoyles Goliath 1:7-Scale Resin Mini-Bust | Source: DST

Soaring out of your regularly programmed, Saturday morning cartoons, the Gargoyles have landed at Diamond Select Toys with a line of new mini-busts! Measuring 7.5-inches tall and 9.5-inches wide, the first of these 1:7-scale figures features team leader Goliath as he appears in the animated series. Designed by Barry Bradfield at Varner Studios, the Goliath mini-bust is packaged in a full-color box with a numbered certificate of authenticity. Priced at $120, this figure is sure to let superstition and the sword rule any collector’s shelf. 

JCVD Gallery PVC Diorama | Source: DST

Ladies want him. Men want to be him. The Muscles from Brussels is bringing his brawn to an all-new arena: collectibles shelves. DST has partnered with the martial arts icon to launch a line of Jean-Claude Van Damme (affectionately referred to as JCVD) collectibles! Fans can marvel at their favorite superhuman in an epic Gallery Diorama. Positioned in his iconic high kick, the young JCVD figure stands 10.5-inches tall. With a gong behind him, this PVC diorama is reminiscent of… every JCVD movie, ever. Designed by Eamon O’Donoghue and sculpted by Rocco Tartamella, the JCVD Gallery Diorama is available for $49.99. 

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Figures | Source: Diamond Select Toys

Diamond Select Toys doesn’t only draw inspiration from above ground — in fact, they’ve journeyed into the NYC sewage system to launch an assortment of D-Formz figures based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! The core four are featured in a collection of 3-inch figures, with each character available in two models and armed with their signature weapons. There are also two versions of their sensei Splinter and mortal enemy Shredder. Packaged in a full-color blind box, these collectibles are priced at $8.99 each. 

Transformers Milestones Galvatron Resin Statue | Source: DST

As for the Transformers franchise, Megatron is getting another upgrade in a new resin statue based on the 1980s film, Transformers: The Movie. The Galvatron Resin statue features the Decepticon leader standing at 16-inches tall atop a Cybertonian-landscape base. If laser-wielding villains aren’t exactly your type, DST is also launching a new, third set of Transformers Minimates, which includes Autobots Jazz and Arcee and their enemy Decepticons Galvatron and Coronation Starscream. The figures each have 12-14 points of articulation and fully interchangeable parts. Available only in packs of four, the Box Set of these 2-inch poseable figures is available for $29.99. 

Marvel is also getting the collectible treatment with new Loki and Hulk items. The trickster God of Asgard is shapeshifting into a 4-inch, resin statue with comic-accurate features (pictured, top). The Animated Style Loki is limited to 3,000 pieces, comes packaged with a certificate of authenticity (a concept foreign to this mischievous prince), and costs $49.99. In the spirit of shapeshifters, Immortal Hulk is featured in an 11.5-inch Gallery PVC Diorama ($125) that displays the powerful hero as he appears in the most recent Marvel comics. Later this year, fans can also snag a Planet Hulk 10-inch action figure ($29.99), which depicts the hero in his gladiator armor from his time on Sakaar.

What better way to finish a recap than with a trip to the galaxy? Diamond Select is launching a range of Star Wars-inspired figures that are as epic as the saga itself. Featuring both villains and heroes, these products include an Emperor Palpatine 1:6-scale Statue ($300, limited to 2,000 pieces), a Cad Bane Mini-bust ($120, limited to 3,000 pieces), an 11-inch Mace Windu Statue ($175, limited to 3,000 pieces), a 12-inch Darth Maul Jumbo Figure ($80), and a Mandalorian & Grogu Mini-bust ($120, limited to 3,000 pieces). All of these figures are sculpted to detail and include iconic weapons and accessories from the franchise. 

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With the exception of the Star Wars items, which are available to preorder on, the rest of these collectibles can be purchased and/or preordered on, with prices ranging from $8.99-125.00.