Do you remember Anchorman? Yes, of course you do. Barry & Jason Games is resurrecting Ron Burgundy in a Kickstarter campaign for its adult party game, called Anchorman: the Game – Improper Teleprompter.

Players can masquerade as their favorite Channel 4 news anchor from the 2004 movie to ad-lib a news story with missing words, Mad Libs style. Then, players will load their stories into the teleprompter. The lead anchor of each round will read the news, and if the anchor laughs while reading a story, whoever created that story gets a magnetic score token. Each round begins with a Whammy Card, which randomly awards or subtracts points from different players based on which anchors they are playing.

The game is full of Anchorman nuggets of wisdom that fans will appreciate, including a Sex Panther by Odeon mechanical timer, a lamp-shaped scoring token, and movie quotes up the wazoo. 

The Kickstarter campaign is scheduled to end on March 20 and has a goal of $35,000. Check out the pledge options below!

  • Thanks for Stopping By, San Diego: Fans who pledge $1 or more will receive updates on the campaign.
  • I Love Lamp: Fans who pledge $26 or more will receive a retail version of the game before it’s on store shelves, in addition to stretch goals (goal exceeded? more merch happens!).
  • You Stay Classy, San Diego: Fans who pledge $36 or more will receive a Kickstarter-exclusive version of the game (which includes an exclusive Sex Panther timer with a red collar, a regular sex panther timer, two new score magnet designs, blank magnets to create new words when filling in the blanks, and Ron Burgundy’s vocal warm-up guide), in addition to stretch goals.
  • Blackbeard’s Delight: Fans who pledge $69 or more will receive two deluxe games.
  • I’m Kind of a Big Deal … People Know Me: Fans who pledge $1,000 or more will receive two deluxe games and their name (or any name of their choosing) immortalized in one of the news story cards. This option is limited to 20 backers.

Barry & Jason Games will use the funds to pay the artists, get production started, and make the game as high quality as possible. Campaign backers can expect their game to arrive this August if the project reaches its funding goal. You can contribute to the project here.

Stay classy, crowdfunders.

Photo: Barry & Jason Games