Get ready for yet another platform to fuel your retro gaming appetite.

When Atari‘s long-awaited Video Computer System (VCS) debuts next spring, the console will have a full library of retro games available.

The company partnered with Anstream Arcade for an Atari Edition of Antstream’s game streaming service that will bring an instantly accessible library of classic console and arcade titles to the system at launch.

In addition to its existing library of more than 2,000 officially licensed video games, the exclusive Antstream Arcade Atari VCS app will include the largest collection of Atari games available on demand, in both original- and enhanced-edition formats, curated from across the brand’s many arcade, home, and handheld platforms.

“Antstream Arcade is a perfect partner for Atari and its fans,” says Atari CEO Frédéric Chesnais. “Anstream’s offering lets players instantly access a vast library of games, including many Atari titles that have not been available for streaming before now. This partnership further cements the Atari VCS as a highly versatile entertainment platform and multimedia streaming device, built to embrace the best of classic and modern gaming.”

The Atari VCS will debut at retail next March in a variety of configurations, including the Atari VCS 400 (4gb) Onyx base model, the Atari VCS 800 (8gb) model, and an all-in bundle, which includes the Atari VCS Classic Joystick and Atari VCS Modern Controller, both of which were created in partnership with PowerA.

The Antstream Arcade app for the Atari VCS platform offers a 30-day free trial, with subscription options available at $9.99 a month, or a discounted $95.88 for a yearly subscription.

Photo: Atari