Sure, we can’t all really travel through time with Doc Brown, but this new watch from MAM and Universal may just be the next best thing.

The official Back to the Future watch launched on Kickstarter back on Dec. 10 and blasted through its fundraising goal in less than one day. The watch is eco-friendly, waterproof, and decked out with homages to the classic movie, which turns 35 this year.

Like the DeLorean’s time circuit, the watch has multiple screens. An LCD screen shows the time and date, while a second, LED screen shines through the wood on the watch’s lower half with the push of a button. Between the two screens, you can check the time, date, and weekday — all important information for century-hopping!

The limited-edition watch is available in two sizes (29 millimeters and 32 millimeters) and with three band options: stainless steel, red leather, and blue leather. The back of the watch face features an etched serial number and the Back to the Future logo.

Fans who want to get their hands on the watch ASAP can back the project now. The prices are listed in euros, but don’t worry: The watches will ship to the U.S. when they officially launch this spring!

Photo: MAM