Betsey Johnson is teaming up with Fleischer Studios’ Betty Boop to raise money in the most heartwarming way.

Two T-shirts featuring Betty Boop with the phrase “love your heart” are available now through the end of March, and all of the proceeds will be donated to the Katz Institute for Women’s Health. The lovely shirts were created to try to raise awareness of women’s heart health — an often-overlooked problem.

The shirts are just in time for Betty Boop’s 90th birthday, as well as the 17th Annual Red Dress Awards — an event hosted by Women’s Day magazine that recognizes those who help women take charge of their hearts. Johnson says this event means a lot to her, as she recently had open-heart surgery. She will do anything to support this cause so close to her, she says.

Each T-shirt is $30 and has either a little or big Betty on the front, and three Betty Boops on the back, saying “Betsey hearts you.” Check them out above, and find them at the Comics Kingdom Shop.

Share your shirts on social media with #LoveYourHeart to show support toward women keeping their hearts illness-free! That’s something you can ♥.

Photo: Betsey Johnson