Unless you are living completely offline, chances are you’ve heard the name Carole Baskin a few (or a few hundred) times over the past month. And if you’ve started even one Zoom meeting with a cheery “Hey you cool cats and kittens,” then have we got news for you.

In a collaboration with the online retailer Represent, Carole Baskin’s Big Cat Rescue — which rose to fame after appearing in the mega-popular Netflix documentary series Tiger King — launched official, limited-edition apparel that features her quotable catchphrase.

The design also features a tiger and a tiger cub, both wearing sunglasses (Get it? A cool cat! And kitten!). At represent.com/bigcatrescue, fans can get the design on a shirt for $25.99 or on a hoodie for $44.99. Both versions also feature the Big Cat Rescue logo on the sleeve.

This partnership between Represent and Big Cat Rescue is the result of a deal brokered by BUCHWALD and its client Binge Networks, which means it’s 100% legit — Here’s a picture of Baskin rocking the shirt herself!

If (for some reason?) you aren’t feeling the “cool cats and kittens” vibe, there is a second design available, too, which features just the Big Cat Rescue logo on a T-shirt or hoodie.

According to the Represent listing, 100% of proceeds will support Baskin’s Big Cat Rescue organization, which has a stated mission to “provide the best home we can for the cats in our care, end abuse of big cats in captivity, and prevent [the] extinction of big cats in the wild.”

But if you are on the fence about commemorating the biggest pop culture phenomenon of the year by buying a shirt, you need to decide fast — the goods will only be on sale for two weeks, until May 19.

The shirts and hoodies will start shipping on June 4, just in time to be your favorite summer outfit.

Photos: Represent